Around the Web: Just Another Link Round-up

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Welcome to the inaugural post of Around the Web.

I’ve been meaning to do a link round-up series for like… forever, and I’ve just never gotten around to actually doing it because… Well, I don’t really have a good excuse. Part of it’s just lazy and the other part is just that dumb voice in my head saying that having a weekly link round-up on your blog is a cop out for writing a real post, which considering how much I like it when other bloggers do it…. Dumb.

But yeah… You know how these things work… Sometimes I’ll have commentary on the links, sometimes I won’t… but you know, go read the good stuff.

Effort Is Not Pain (A Credo For Pushing Your Limits + Being Your Best) – I so needed to hear this… I have such a bad habit of equating effort with pain, and really… It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s Not My Job – Theater production centric, but I think there’s a lot to ponder in here about when employers expect you to go above and beyond… at the sacrifice of lunches and bathroom breaks.

Mike Doughty On Downtown Nostalgia: ‘This Disease Is Omnipresent’ – Because, New York.

Why ‘My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection’ matters

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup – As someone who now wears makeup, but didn’t for quite some time for a variety of reasons… This struck a chord with me. Nobody can dictate whether or not you paint your face.

Strands of Connection

Dancing with Myself – Because, dancing. Duh.

On Living Dreams into Reality – Loved this post about Liz recounting how she dove into hosting retreats.

Can I See Your Belly Button? – This made me cry the ugly cry. Warning: You might need tissues (particularly if you’re a mama of girls).

My Inner Voice is a Bully – Mine too.