Thoughts on Last Night at Zuccotti Park

I’m really not one to go too terribly political on my blog, but considering that this happened last night in my city, I feel it too important to not say anything about…

I spent most of the night obsessively watching my Twitter feed about the NYPD’s raid on the Occupy Wall Street protestors last night, how the airspace over Zuccotti Park was closed off and subways stations by the protest site closed off, how the press were penned into special press pens and effectively silenced (which I hear was NOT reported on the mainstream news)… It absolutely appalling me this is how my city is dealing with peaceful protest.

I’m literally sick to my stomach about how Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD have chosen to handle this. It’s absolutely disgusting. The thing that frightens me the most is the news coverage. I don’t watch mainstream television news anymore, but from what I’ve heard others say about the reporting… It seems they’re omitting a LOT of the reality of the police brutality that’s been happening at OWS protests across the country.

The sad reality in America right now is that if you speak out en masse publicly against Wall Street, big business, and the government which protects them… you’re going to get yourself stomped. I don’t really care what your political affiliation is, whether or not you agree with the OWS movement or not, but the fact that peaceful protests are being violently assaulted by the police and members of the press covering the story are being corralled into government sanctioned spaces and/or being arrested like the protestors should alarm you.

Ask yourself this… If this is how the police treats the citizens it’s supposed to be protecting, is this really a country that you want to be living in?

I am the 99%.

One thought on “Thoughts on Last Night at Zuccotti Park

  1. No doubt, this is an uphill battle. More awareness, more participation, less complacence.

    Get in touch with me soon, Nikki. I got some big news you might enjoy, and I was hoping you might be able to help out. Call me!
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