Holidays Over, Finally!

I’ve been trying to write a holiday reflection post since sometime before Christmas and well, I sorta want to give up on it because this year the holidays were just hard and there’s that part of me that doesn’t want to talk about it.

It probably doesn’t really help that there were a bunch of things said and done in the past two weeks that fall into the Realm of the Unbloggable.

The holidays just didn’t feel like the holidays this year.

I didn’t go home at all because I didn’t have the money. I worked straight through the past two weeks.

I spent Christmas Eve with Linda and Brian and watched the Louis CK special for the millionth time (it just doesn’t get old).

I spent Christmas Day with James and we watched a bunch of standup comedy and had hot dogs with macaroni and cheese for dinner and then I gave him the gift of an epic anxiety attack which left me exhausted for the next 24 hours.


The lovely Prof. Rowen (whom you can find contributing along with other fine folks on the ever wonderful blog Modern Mythology) came to visit for New Years weekend. We had some awesome Belgian food at Petite Abeille on Friday night, hung out with Anna on New Years Eve and went out for drinks and on New Years had a late lunch/early dinner at Chimu Express… Good times, great conversation… but man was I hungover on Sunday.

So, at least New Years was good.

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