Winston the Tape Machine

This is Winston.

He’s a 519 pound baby tape machine.

James adopted him.

He came to live with James on Tuesday and brought some friends with him… a console, a rack with some outboard gear and an end table.

James made the mistake of saying “I feel like I’m about to have a child” to describe the anticipation of this tape machine arriving.

So yeah… the tape machine’s his baby.

Tuesday afternoon one of his friends called me up and asked me how the expectant father was handling it all.

Like a champ. Like a motherfucking champ.

Sometime around the beginning of this month, James was recalling how his friend had said years ago that if he ever found himself in the position where he’d have use for a tape machine, he might be willing to let it go to a good home. So, James decided to call him up and see if he even still had the thing and it turned out he was looking to sell it and a bunch of other gear and selling it to somebody he knew sounded like a fantastic idea, so… tape machine.

The thing about having a tape machine show up in your life when you’re the girlfriend of a sound engineer is all of the sudden you finally start meeting some of these friends of his as they wander over to inspect the new toy and help set stuff up.

Which means you get to hear a lot of stories because as someone who isn’t terribly useful in the department of heavy lifting, there’s not a whole lot of stuff for me to do other than sit and sip my soda and watch men lift heavy audio gear and listen to them quote the entire script of The Big Lebowski (which didn’t actually happen this week, BUT IT COULD HAVE!)

It’s kinda like having a garage in your bedroom.

Only the men folk are staring at a tape machine instead of a car.

And then you might find yourself staying in on a Friday night watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 while this is happening on the floor behind you:

And you start tripping over shit that looks like this in the middle of the night:

And you know what?

I’m pretty damn happy about that.

And yes, he did name the tape machine after a character in the Ghostbusters. EDIT: See comment #1.

2 thoughts on “Winston the Tape Machine

  1. Actually, it’s not after Winston Zedmore. It was just the first solid sounding name that popped into my head.

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