Things I’m (Not So) Afraid To Tell You

I’ve been seeing all of these blog entries over the past month about authenticity in blogging, and all sorts of wonderful people have been sharing their thoughts on the subject. There’s a big list on Creature Comforts if you want to read more than just mine.


I’m inexplicably jealous of The Bloggess because she’s not afraid to let her crazy hang out on the Internet. Also, her book is on the New York Times Bestseller List and it’s really funny.

I identified as a Christian between the ages of 17 and 21. I think that has something to do with the previous point.

I left the church after the pastor of my church called me mentally unstable for blogging.

The living room speakers making a popping noise something like every two hours. Honey, why is this happening?!

I unfollowed someone’s blog because they did a sponsored review of Net Nanny and I got offended by it.

I have been officially diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and attention deficit disorder predominantly inattentive type.

Sometimes when I sit up straight for more than like 30 seconds, I get shoot pain in my back. That’s not a good thing to have happening at age 28 is it?

I wear a 34H bra. The H stands for Hu-fucking-mungus.

I think that those elected people who are against the legalization of pot would benefit from smoking a bowl before voting against such things.

I’m irrationally afraid to discuss anything relating to sex, drugs and rock n’ roll for fear of being carted off by the morality police.

I have picked up the New Yorker trait of saying “fucking” in every other sentence and I generally don’t notice this until I’m in a group of people who have never been to New York City.

I have an erratic and strange sleep schedule.

I usually have to get up after initially crawled into bed because I’ve forgotten to pee.

I am addicted to the Internet.

I am trying to quit soda, but I haven’t hit the point where I’m okay with that yet.

I think about sensory processing for fun.

When I listen to music, I see my own private music video in my brain.

I get really sad when I realize that some of the recordings of my favorite songs are kinda sucky recordings.

If I’m not careful, I can spend hours on end just laying in bed daydreaming. Or walking around the house aimlessly. I do that too.

I’ve not quite gotten this whole finances and being a freelancer thing down yet. I don’t really want to talk about it, but let’s just say that tax time causes me to dive into a deep depression.

I don’t have health insurance currently and thinking about the healthcare situation in the United States makes me all stabby-stabby.

I am terrified of the desire to procreate.

I am constantly afraid of being judged harshly and called out for my life choices by well… anyone.

I am constantly at odds with myself because I can’t decide whether I want to be perceived as the good girl or the black sheep.

I was a cam girl for three months. It’s harder than it looks.

I have been known to occasionally blast music that I think my neighbors will not like to prevent them from wanting to hang out in the backyard area and make a lot of noise. Josh Groban has been the most effective.

I’m not inclined to speak very openly about my thoughts and feelings regarding being a loved one of an alcoholic because I don’t feel like I have the energy to deal with questions and judgements that might ensue. Plus, I have other people’s privacy to think of on that point.

I have the inexplicable urge to tell everyone that I’ve been blogging for 15 years whenever people are discussing blogging. As if having my fifteen year chip means I know better than you do. The truth is I don’t. It just means I remember what blogging was like before advertising took over.

I’ve dabbled in non-monogamy / polyamory but largely have decided it’s not for me.

I’m addicted to message boards.

I have fantasies of being neat and organized, but I have trouble applying that to my real life.

I am a person who both thrives on routine and simultaneously hates it.

I think making random lists of stuff is kinda fun blog fodder. I should do this more often.

And an audience participation question! Is there anything on this list you’d be interested in me elaborating on?

8 thoughts on “Things I’m (Not So) Afraid To Tell You

  1. “I have picked up the New Yorker trait of saying “fucking” in every other sentence and I generally don’t notice this until I’m in a group of people who have never been to New York City.”

    The other day I was talking with Rachel about how I grew up as a child (with New Yorker parents). She was like, “Did he really say ‘f-ing’ in every sentence?” lol, yes, yes he did. We have very different backgrounds.

  2. RE: having to pee as soon as you get into bed. I have this happen all the time! Lol. It’s like my bladder’s like, “Hey thank you for relaxing. Now can I mention that I need to relieve myself?” So annoying.

    RE: blogging about 15 years. Me too! I come across “experts” in the blogging world who have been doing it a year, maybe two, and I have to laugh. Not that I know what I’m doing either, but it’s funny to see how much people think they’re being all cutting edge about something that I’ve been doing for half my life.
    Jennifer M. recently posted..Looking for June SponsorsMy Profile

    • It seems like everyone’s a self-proclaimed expert these days when it comes to these things… and really, no one is. But seriously. We totally deserve a medal or something for being at it this long. :)

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