Some Voices Ought to Be Famous

One of the reasons why I’m not much of a music blogger despite the fact that a great deal of my life revolves around it is this… I inevitably get a massive case of writers block whenever I try to write about the music I love and mostly just want to not have to write anything and just be all, “OH for fuck’s sake, just listen to it so I don’t have to say anything because it’s OBVIOUS!”

But I know it’s not that easy. I know when other bloggers post videos and/or songs on their posts, I have a tendency to just not click on them unless the author makes a really compelling case to.

In this case, you ought to click on it because Julio Ortiz has the voice of an angel and the minute you listen to him, you’re probably going to fall madly in love. He’s got one of those voices that ought to be famous. So, you ought to go like his video on YouTube and tell all of your friends about it.

Also, he’s totally kicking my ass at Words with Friends and I want to make it seem like I’m not a total loser at life.

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