In Which I Bitch About The Cold

I won’t lie… I’ve been feeling pretty cranky the last few days.

It’s the cold.

I hate to complain about it considering that large swaths of the country were dealing with temperatures far colder than the positive single digits that New York has had (and it’s 20 today, so that’s much better), but I think we can all agree… If it’s below freezing, it’s fucking cold.

Despite being a New England transplant to New York City and thus should be used to the cold that descends on us every winter… I pretty much hate it.

I’m one of those people who’s hands and feet turn ice cold the moment the temperature drops under 75.

The colder it is, the worse this is.

The past two days, I’ve been sitting at my window facing desk struggling to keep the angry frustrated feelings stemming from the pain being caused by my icicle feet and the draft coming off the window blowing on my legs.

I’ve yet to figure out a good solution to this problem other than go out and buy a space heater (a likely solution) or refuse to come into the office until spring (working at home is normal here, but I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well).

Can we just be done with winter already? Sigh.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Bitch About The Cold

  1. We’re so much alike in some ways! I get cold when it’s below 77 or so. I HATE working in offices because they are never warm enough. I’m going onsite for a client tomorrow, and it’s going to be cold, so I’m bringing reinforcements!

    I highly recommend a space heater, and hurry and get one before they start stocking the bathing suits in a few weeks.

    We have a BUNCH of them. I use mine constantly. The one in the living room often even gets turned on during the summer because the rest of the place is so cold due to AC. In fact, I’m using it now. It’s a lifesaver.
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  2. Yes. A thousand times, yes. We’ve had Snowmaggedon here (BC, Canada) and some pretty chilly weather (though we have been lucky and were spared the insane ice storms, and frigid temperatures that you folks back East got. Still. Snow. Too much snow). I’m done. I want Spring. It might as well start now, it’s going to take six, or so, months to melt all of the snow in my yard. Good grief.

    Stay cozy, folks! :)
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