This is My Magical Year


Despite the fact that I chose my word of the year all the way back on New Year’s Day, I’ve found myself rather hesitant to sit down and blog about it.

I wrote about it my journal. I shared my thoughts about it in a couple of the spiritual and artistic communities that I participate in. I commented on other people’s blogs about it when they wrote about theirs. I bought a soul mantra necklace and a tailsman with my word on it from Liz Lamoreux but I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and write about it in my most public and personal of spaces.

My word of the year is magical.

The truth is, I was really embarrassed about my word at first.

It came to me during a guided meditation for Flock, an online relig-ish community that I belong to.

I’ve got a bad ass imagination so guided meditations with a visualization component tend to be pretty powerful for me… and this time was no exception.

When Jed walked up the stone path and shuffled a deck of playing cards in that utterly elegant way that only magicians are able to do and handed me an Ace of Hearts with the word magical written on it with a wink and a smile, my inner critic came out of it yelling, “OH COME ON! COULD YOU EVEN BE MORE CLICHE THAN THAT?”

Because really now… What’s NOT cliche about imagining your former roommate who happens to be an expert at card magic who you’re not so secretly enamored with giving you a playing card with the word “magical” on it?

And then on top of that, magical is kind of a hard concept to pin down.

Is it a feeling? Is it a practice? Is it a cosmic foofoo fluffyism?

The great all knowing Google came back with this definition that I particularly liked:

Beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.

I asked Gala Darling about it in a Google Hangout Q&A a couple of weeks ago and she defined it as seeing the world with fresh eyes, as if you were a child. (And then I met her at a storytelling workshop last weekend, but that’s a different story…)

Nonetheless, it seemed like the perfect thing to strive for in this new year…

A feeling of wonder and amazement as found in everyday life.


How do you define magical? Did you choose a word of the year this year? What was it?

11 thoughts on “This is My Magical Year

  1. I chose the word “today.” I want to stop procrastinating and to do something, even if it is a little thing TODAY that will help me accomplish my larger goals (getting organized, losing weight, etc.). Like you, I’ve avoided blogging about it.
    I think magical has great potential. You can interpret as you see fit. Good luck!
    that cynking feeling recently posted..No one expects the Spanish InquisitionMy Profile

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